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IDEA Exchange: Questions and Answers

Q: What is IDEA Exchange?
A: It is a form of educational conference focusing on debate, debate and civic education, youth projects and innovative teaching and participation methodologies. IDEA organized it first Exchange in November 2006 in Prague.
Q: Where will IDEA Exchange be organized this year?
A: IDEA Exchange will be organized in Amsterdam, NL (Moseshuis Adult Learning Center).
Q: What are the dates for the Exchange?
A: 4-6th December 2008.
Q: What is the schedule of the Exchange?
A: The Exchange will have the following schedule:

Thursday 4th: 12.00 – 17.00

Friday 5th: 10.00-17.00
Saturday 6th: 10.00-17.00
There will be an hour long coffee break each day and short coffee breaks

Q: What are possible themes or topics of the Exchange
A: The broad theme for the Exchange is Dialogue and Debate. Participants can present on a number of topics and thematic areas related to this broader theme. Below are some possible topics/issues that you may be interested presenting on. This list can be extended – it is all up to your creativity, interest and inventiveness!
  · Initiating open forum discussions

· Analyzing the role of cafes or salons in civil society

· Discussing mass media and electronic media and their impact on dialogue

· Discovering civic engagement opportunities

· Investigating intercultural debate or dialogue

· Training debate and/or dialogue skills

· Exploring the roles of minorities in community or country-wide debate and dialogue

· Encouraging different formats for debate and dialogue

· Fostering governmental and non-governmental roles in debate and dialogue

· Funding and grant initiatives for debate and dialogue programs

· Debating In The Neighborhood (DIN) as a way of fostering debate and dialogue

· Debating and dialogue in European and/or global youth programs

· Marketing debate and dialogue activities in your area
· Collaborating with other regions or countries on debate and/or dialogue
Q: Who can participate in the Exchange?
A: Participants in the Exchange can be teachers and educators, activists, university students, program administrators.
Q: What is the role of participants in the Exchange?
A: Unlike during some conferences where many participants are only observers, attending other sessions, during IDEA Exchange, all participants are encouraged to make presentations.
Q: What is the format of the Exchange?
A: The Exchange will have a format of a Bar Camp (www.barcamp.org) – an open, participatory gathering of like-minded people who would like to share ideas, discuss projects, make presentations and workshops. Each day of the Exchange will be divided into one-hour slots and participants will be able to choose their own time and room for presentation.
Q: How long do presentations need to be?
A: Presentations can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as a few hours (for example if a participant or a group of participants decides to offer a workshop). Upon arrival to the Exchange Venue, participants will be able to put their presentation/workshop offer on schedule (on a white board), indicating the room as well as time of the presentation.
Q: Can participants attend sessions by other participants?
A: Yes! The Exchange is a participatory event – participants are encouraged to present themselves and attend presentations by other participants.
Q: What types of presentations can participants offer?
A: Participants can offer PowerPoint presentations, lessons, training sessions, open discussions, roundtable discussions and panel discussions.
Q: Can participants team up with other participants and offer joined sessions?
A: Yes. Participants can propose joined sessions with other participants- prepared before the Exchange but also proposed ad hoc during the Exchange (when a group of participants decides that they have something interesting to offer to other)
Q: What will be the language of the Exchange?
A: While English will be the main language of the Exchange, it is expected that some presentations may be organized in Russian and Dutch.
Q: How do I attend the Exchange?

A: If you would like to attend the Exchange, please fill in an application form – and email it to Marcin Zaleski at mzaleski@idebate.org by 1st November. 

Q: Is there any financial assistance available to attend the Exchange?

A: Yes, IDEA has limited funding to cover some of the travel costs and accommodation costs of participants from the EU.
Q: Can members of the General Assembly participate in the Exchange?
A: Yes, members of the General Assembly are welcome to participate in the Exchange on the 4th December and 6th December. During the 5th of December, the GA will conduct its official business.

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