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Cork Worlds 2009

Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the details, and also the dates for registration for Cork Worlds 2009.

In keeping with all areas of Cork Worlds 2009, in registration we shall endeavor to provide an efficient, effective and painless registration system for all users, from day one of initial registration, right up to checking into your hotel room and registering for each debate. The team cap for the Championships is set at 300 with an institutional cap of three teams, and the registration fee is set to €400 per delegate, whether adjudicator or speaker.

The entire registration process will take place via our website (www.corkworlds2009.com) in three stages:

Stage 1 – Initial Registration: Open: August 1st 2pm Ireland - Close: August 14th 6pm Ireland (BST)

This stage requires institutions to register the number of teams and adjudicators that they wish to send to Cork Worlds 2009.

Naturally places are on a first come first served basis, and those who seek to register subsequent to us reaching our team cap will be placed on a waiting list. Initially 266 team places will be released with 34 held back to comply with a recommendation of the World Universities Debating Council. The World Universities Debating Council recommended that one team place be reserved at the initial stage of registration to ensure a minimum of one team from each country who attended the World Universities Debating Council at the previous year's WUDC. The remaining 34 places, along with any places that may become free due to failure of institutions to pay on time for example, will be distributed subsequently to institutions on the waiting list.

All offers made to institutions on the waiting list will be made via email and will have to be accepted within 3 days. Failure to accept within 3 days will lead to the place being offered to the next institution in line.

Once this stage closes a full eligibility check will be run on all institutions, all eligible institutions will receive notification, and will be allowed progress to stage two. If any ineligible institutions register they will receive notification, their registration will be canceled and their place allocated to the next institution on the waiting list.
As a word of caution we would like to alert all that we expect registration for Cork Worlds 2009 to fill exceptionally quickly and thus we would recommend that all be ready to register for the institution immediately when registration opens.

Stage 2 - Payment: Open: September 1st 2pm Ireland – Close: October 9th 6pm Ireland (BST)

In the second phase of registration payment will be required in full. Payment can be made either by wire transfer direct to our bank account or by credit or debit card through our online service provider. It must be noted that the payee (i.e. the institution or individual making the payment) will bear the full transaction costs of whichever method of payment that they choose. We must receive the full registration fee of €400 per person.

Furthermore failure to pay, or provide notification of payment on time will lead to that individual's or institution's registration being cancelled and being offered to the next institution or individual on the waiting list.

For institutions on the waiting list who are subsequently offered a place at Cork Worlds 2009 and accept within 3 days, they will have two weeks from the date of that acceptance to pay in full or provide notification of payment.

Stage Three - Opens October 13th 2pm Ireland & closes November 7th 6 pm Ireland (BST)

The third phase will require individual delegates providing us with detailed information. The Registration Team will be aiming to procure as much information as early as possible in order to streamline the running of the Championships.

Information that will need to be provided at this stage will include, but is not limited to personal contact details, dietary preferences, travel arrangements etc.

Additional Information

The N-1 Rule & Waiver Programme

Due to our strong pool of local judges, Cork Worlds 2009 is in a position to offer a scheme whereby institutions that may be having difficulties meeting n-1 requirements, can apply to the adjudication team for a waiver from n-1.

Prior to the opening of official registration for Cork Worlds 2009, the adjudication team will be accepting applications for one of the limited number of judge waivers we will be granting. An application for a waiver must be submitted to the adjudication team by emailing adjudication@corkworlds2009.com by July 18th stating the number of the teams and adjudicators that can be sent and the reason for applying for the waiver (E.g. funding, size of society). Applications will be acknowledged with 48 hours and if an institution fails to get an acknowledgment they should contact us again promptly.

Each application for a waiver will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Institutions will then be informed prior to the opening of registration whether or not their application for a waiver has been successful and how many teams/judges they are required to register. There will be no cost to institutions that apply for and are successful in their application.

In all other cases the N-1 rule will be strictly applied and no leniency will be offered to institutions who neither did not apply for, nor were granted a waiver if they fail to fulfill their N-1 obligation. The purpose of this programme is to facilitate participation in the Championships by teams who otherwise would have difficulty doing so.

Adjudicator Cap & Independent Adjudicators

The number of adjudicators that each institution may register is limited to N-1 (N being the number of teams that institution is sending). The only exception to this is for institutions sending one team who will also be allowed to register one adjudicator if they wish.

So for institutions wishing to send three teams, two adjudicators will be required, for two teams one adjudicator will be required and for one team there is the option of sending one adjudicator or not.

If institutions wish to send adjudicators over the n-1 requirement then the details of those adjudicators should be sent to adjudication team by emailing adjudication@corkworlds2009.com by July 18th and state the names of the additional judges they wish to send along with a brief description of their experience. The adjudication team will then review the applications and successful applicants will then be allowed to register. Applications will be acknowledged with 48 hours and if an institution fails to get an acknowledgement they should contact us again promptly.

Any independent adjudicators wishing to attend the championships must follow the same procedure outlined above to obtain permission to register.
We do not wish this procedure to seem onerous and we will be delighted to welcome as many institutional and independent adjudicators as possible to the Championships. This process has been implemented to ensure that we have both the best judging pool possible as well as ensuring that the competition does not have an excess of judges relative to the number of teams.

Any adjudicators who attempt to register, without being within the allowed cap of an eligible institution or having gained permission to register will be deleted from the registration system.

Eligible Institutions & Individuals

We have a list of automatically eligible institutions for Cork Worlds 2009 from past WUDC, EUDC etc. If you have any questions over your eligibility please get in contact with our registration department as soon as possible. We expect registration for Cork Worlds 2009 to fill exceptionally quickly and thus we would recommend that if in doubt please get in touch.

Please note that the eligibility of an institution or an individual can only be guaranteed by a decision of the World Universities Debating Council. While the Organising Committee of Cork Worlds 2009 will do our best to advise you of any potential issues regarding your eligibility, ultimately the responsibility lies with institutions and individuals to ensure that their participation is allowed for by the constitution of the Championships. The Organising Committee cannot take any responsibility for any subsequent decision of the World Universities Debating Council to deny entry to any individual or institution who we allowed to register in good faith.


I am also delighted to announce that we will be relaunching the Cork Worlds 2009 website (www.corkworlds2009.com) with an entirely new design and completely updated and expanded content, and that it will go live on Wednesday May 15th 2008. Please keep checking this site for regular updates and we hope that you enjoy it!

Further Details

If you need any further details, or have any queries, questions or comments, please email registration@corkworlds2009.com or contact either Mark Collins, Director of Registration & Communications on 00353-86-3738177, or Eoin Kilkenny Deputy Director of Registration & Communications on 00353-87-6387900.

Any adjudication or debating related questions should be directed to the adjudication team at adjudication@corkworlds2009.com.

Thanking you all and on behalf of the Cork Worlds 2009 team I look forward to welcoming you to University College Cork, to Cork, and to Ireland.

Best wishes to you all,

Mark Collins
Director of Registration & Communications,
29th World University Debating Championships.
Cork 2009.
T: +1 215 450 4767 & +353 86 3738177
E: mark.collins@corkworlds2009.com

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