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Youth club “Sodruzhestvo” of Berdyansk city and Ukrainian Youth Civil Organization “Debate Academy” are pleased to announce about Open Debate Tournament for scholars „Berdyanskiy Ryng-2009” which will be held in a sanatorium “Lazurnyi” on 11th - 13th of September, 2009 (Berdyansk, Zaporozhskaya region).

 «Berdyanskiy Ryng - 2009» is…

International debate tournament for scholars from Ukraine and other countries who can speak Ukrainian or English languages. During the tournament an important topic will be discussed. The topic was posed by International Debate Education Association (IDEA) as an official motion for the year: “Youth criminal”. Final version of the motion will be announced after closing a registration of participants.

For the first time in Ukraine the tournament is going to be in World Schools Debate Format. It consists of two tracks: Ukrainian-speaking and English-speaking. Each of the tracks has four preliminary rounds, semi-finals and final. Sightseeing tour and interesting cultural program will be organized for the participants. Also it is a great opportunity to become acquainted with debate community and to visit a picturesque shore of the Azov Sea during warm autumn period!

Whom we are waiting for

Participants from Ukraine and other countries who can speak Ukrainian or English languages in the following statuses: - debaters (scholars of 8-11 form); - coaches / judges / attendants; - observers Conditions of participation A participation fee is 360 uah ($45). It covers costs of 3 meals and accommodation in double-bedded room for one person from 12.00 on the 11th of September to 14.00 on the 13th of September. The participation fee is paid during registration on the first day of the tournament. Organizing team will provide the participants with hand-out materials, educational literature, exclusive T-shirts of the event, certificates and will pay costs of the excursion.

On a competition basis the organizers will choose 12 Ukrainian teams and 12 coaches who will pay 210 uah participation fee (due to aid of a democracy support Fund of the USA Embassy in Ukraine as a part of a project “Become a Leader”). Organizing team will announce results of the competition after closing the registration of participants.

How to participate

 To become a participant of the tournament you should just fill in a registration form and send it by e-mail berdyanskyi.ryng@gmail.com. A registration deadline is 19.00 August 26th, 2009. Official invitations will be sent to participants till September 2nd, 2009. Tentative schedule of the tournament and registration form are attached to this message. To find more about the tournament please visit an official web page of Debate Academy http://www.debate.org.ua.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail berdyanskyi.ryng@gmail.com or by the following phone numbers: +380504848693 Marina Eduardovna Masiutina +380936670003 Oleksiy Verbytskyi

Registration form


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— Sergei Naumoff · сер 08, 12:18

Youth Criminal=Juvenile crime ))))) А то получается, что обсуждаем молодого преступника )))