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Європейський дебатний чемпіонат

Міжнародний відділ ВМГО "Дебатна Академія" ну ду-уже хоче звернути вашу увагу на один із найбільших заходів дебатного року – Європейський дебатний чемпіонат.

Він відбудеться 11-16 Липня в Амстердамі. Так, тому самому різнокольоровому місті, відомому не лише кількістю мостів ;)

Надалі, відповіді на ваші питання надає Оргкомітет чемпіонату.

When can we register?

Registration will most likely open in February or early March. Registration will be done through our website, we will communicate the details of the registration procedure well in advance.

Where will we sleep?

We are still working on a definitive hotel deal, but the one most likely at the moment seems to be with two Best Western Hotels: the Blue Square at the Slotermeerlaan and the Blue Tower on the Leeuwendalersweg. The two hotels are situated in the west of Amsterdam, about eight minutes cycling away from each other. Most of the rooms will be double rooms, although some will be for three or four persons. The hotels are situated in a green environment, at the outskirts of town but still only twenty minutes from the city center by bike. The hotels offer bar facilities and wireless internet on all rooms.

Where will we debate?

The Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (Free University) has offered us free use of its campus: a short trip outside of the city centre, the Free University has its own easy to navigate and efficient campus. For the final rounds we want to move into the old city centre, which is literally creamed with beautiful old churches and other places to debate in. We haven't decided which are the best (read: coolest) locations yet, but present it to you as soon as we do know.

Party people - Where will we party?

Amsterdam is small for a capital but offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife with a cosmopolitan flavour. And we want you to get a taste of all of it. We will take you on a canal tour by night, offer you drinks in one of the many brown cafés of the city centre, take you out dancing to see for yourself why the Netherlands has produced some of the most famous DJs in the world. And all of it will be topped off by a championships dinner and party to end a week of debating and partying.


 The legal drinking age for beer, wine and other light alcoholic drinks is sixteen in the Netherlands, for hard liquors it is eighteen. Some clubs have age limitations, usually eighteen, but many do not and pubs will not refuse anyone below sixteen as long as they are accompanied by someone above that age. We'll make sure that everyone will be able to enter the pubs and clubs we select for our socials. The semi- legal wares of coffeeshops can only be bought if you are over eighteen, as is the case with smartshops selling mushrooms and other herbal drugs. You need to be sixteen to buy cigarettes.

How much will it cost?

We have set the registration fee at a maximum of 250 Euros, but this may go down as we acquire more funding. For that amount of money, you will be provided with accommodation for 6 nights, be fed and entertained and get a chance to visit one of the prettiest cities of Europe.

Travel to the Netherlands is relatively cheap, trains from Germany and France may cost as little as 20 to 50 Euros, a return ticket on the Eurostar from London will cost a hundred Euros. If flights to Schiphol are slightly more expensive, try flying into Eindhoven, Brussels, Düsseldorf or Cologne and then take a train, this should cost between 20 and 40 Euros. A flight map with approximate prices can be found here and a table with an overview of prices for various modes of transportation can be found here.

Dom tower What about visas?

We have ample experience with providing all the necessary documents for visas from the Amsterdam Open and have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that this will proceed smoothly for Euros 2010.

How can I pay?

We will offer several methods of payment: Paypal, international bank transfers and money transfers. We will cooperate closely with the Free University and their experienced conference management to register and organize payment and registration.

How many teams will you take?

We will take a maximum of 200 teams. The team cap per institution will initially be three. This has proven to be a sufficient number to ensure that all those who want to can participate at Euros. What about food? We will make sure that no one is going to go hungry at the tournament. In fact, we usually make sure that everyone has gained at least a pound after the Amsterdam Open and plan to do the same for Euros. We will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant of the Vrije Universiteit during the preliminary rounds and we will organize catering during the final rounds. In addition, snacks, coffee and tea will be available during the tournament at all times to ensure that you will always be able to get your sugar/caffeine high if needed.

Більше деталей на сайті http://www.amsterdameudc.org

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