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Youth club “Sodruzhestvo” of Berdyansk  and All-Ukrainian Youth NGO “Debate Academy” are pleased to announce that the VI Youth Debate Forum „Berdyanskyi Ryng - 2013” will take place on 12th–15th of September, 2013 based on the health center “Slavutych” (Berdyansk, Zaporozhskaya region, Ukraine). The tournament is held within project “Youth Against Violence”

The main goal of the Forum – raising the level of human rights culture among the youth, overcoming stereotypes, teaching of tolerant treatment to each other and also informing the participants about the methods to stop violence and discrimination in society.

In frames of the Forum the following events will take place:

12.09.2013 - International seminar for 20 independent adjudicators from Ukraine and other countries, who speak Russian;

13.09- 15.09.2013 - International debate tournament for high-school students from Ukraine and other countries, who speak Ukrainian, Russian or English languages. (36 teams in total).

The general topic of the Tournament is the discussion of "Children's Rights and Gender Equality." The topics of the preliminary rounds and the Final round are available for voting on http://vk.com/id178317649  from August 1 till  August 25, 2013. The results of the on-line vote will be announced on August 26, 2013. The final wording of the motion for the Semi-finals will be provided 15 minutes before the time the Semi-finals start.

The tournament will be held in World Schools Debate Style and will consist of three tracks: Ukrainian-speaking, Russian-speaking and English-speaking (12 teams in each track). Each of the tracks has four preliminary rounds, semi-finals and a final.

Sightseeing tour and interesting cultural program will be organized for the participants. This is also a great opportunity to become acquainted with debate community and to visit a picturesque shore of the Azov Sea during the warm autumn period!

Participants status:

-debaters (schoolchildren of 8-11 grade);

-a coach/ an attendant;

-a judge.

Participation requirements

Debaters \ coaches \ attendants pay the participation fee of 460 UAH. ($56), that covers expenses for the tournament materials, meals and accommodation from 12:00am September 13th  till 2:00pm September 15th. For every extra night the participant will have to pay from 160 UAH ($20) to 240 UAH ($30) depending on the level of accommodation. Participation fee is to be paid upon registration. Accommodation level is Standard (http://www.slavutich-azov.org) 2/3/4-bed rooms.

How to participate

To become a participant of the tournament you need to fill in a registration form and send it by e-mail to: friend20075@rambler.ru or berdyanskyi.ryng@gmail.com.

Registration is open: from August 1st till August 31st, 2013. Official invitations will be sent to participants by September 3rd . Ukrainian participants of the Forum must transfer a prepayment of 100 UAH to the account by 8.09.2013. Registration form, programme and topics will be published at the UYNGO “Debate Academy” web-site (http://www.debate.org.ua), and also in VKontakte http://vk.com/id178317649

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: Marina Masyutina (+380504848693), e-mail: friend20075@rambler.ru or spidruzhnist@gmail.com


Download form for the team 

Download form for the judge 

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